Beginner's Guide To Disposable Vapes

Beginner's Guide To Disposable Vapes

What is a Disposable Vape?

In comparison to superior vaping kits, disposable vapes do not have any buttons and need no recharging. Once the entire e-liquid has been used, you can throw away the vapes. It is on account of these reasons that disposable vapes are becoming increasingly popular.

Those who make disposable vapes aim at offering users an effortless and amazing smoking experience. A disposable vape offers the same number of puffs as a pack of 20 cigarettes.

Disposable vapes consist of non-rechargeable vaporizers and an in-built and a fully charged battery. The cart of a disposable vape comes filled with e-liquid. Once this liquid finishes or the battery dies, you will not be able to use the vape anymore and have to order a new one from your preferred disposable vape online store.

Chances are you can easily find disposable vapes in your nearby grocery shop or gas station. However, buying from a renowned online store will be most advisable for you will get to enjoy the best quality.

How Disposable Vape Works

A disposable vape is made of three essential components: coil, pod, and battery. The power of the battery varies from 400mAh to 750mAh, which suffices to use up the entire e-liquid present in a disposable vape.

In the absence of any button, the trouble of switching a disposable vape on or off is done away with. Also, you will not have to worry that as you carry your vape in your pocket, it will automatically turn on or off.

The pod and the coil in a disposable vape account for the restrained cigarette-type draw and a heating element covered in cotton soaks up the e-liquid into the pod. On inhaling, the battery of a disposable vape heats the coil and causes the vape juice to evaporate into the aforementioned fabric, which results in a flavorsome vape cloud.

Benefits of Disposable Vape

  1. Economical

A disposable vape ends up proving more cost-effective than a vape mod or pod vape. A good quality vape mod can cost you somewhere between USD 50 to USD 150 and last for a couple of years. However, there will be maintenance costs too and high at that which you cannot avoid. The upkeep charges will help you take care of coil replacement, charging, refilling, etc.

A disposable vape on the other hand is priced between USD 3 to USD 8. Buy one, use it for vaping, and then dispose it of.

In the long run, using a pod vape, especially if vaping becomes a daily habit for you, may probably give you a stronger bang for your buck. Pod vapes can be bought at a low price and you will be given the option to replace the coils/pods and have your own preferred e-juice. At the same time though, they will demand greater knowledge of vaping in comparison to a disposable vape.

  1. Safer Than Cigarettes

Are you fond of smoking cigarettes? A lot of smokers take to vaping to overcome their cigarette addiction. Now here's something to cheer you up: disposable vapes are safer than cigarettes because the e-liquid in the former consists of herbs that are natural and inorganic.

Besides, disposable vapes are not associated with fume and ash and again you get the liberty to decide the amount of nicotine that you will smoke as you vape.

  1. No Refilling or Recharging

Refilling and recharging a vaping product is tedious in general and given an option, one would surely like to skip it. You get this respite in disposable vapes that require no refilling and no recharging. You also won't have to fret over cleaning your pipe.

  1. Many Flavors

Do you also like to indulge your sweet tooth like countless Americans? If yes, disposable vapes will probably work for you as they are available in many flavors such as strawberry, grape, etc. Consequently, it could help you quit cigarettes faster.

  1. Small, Compact, and Light

Disposable vapes are small, slim, and compact, which accounts for their portability. Also, they are light unlike some of the bulky and weighty devices that people are forced to carry. In the case of a disposable vape, you may not even feel its presence when it is there in your pocket.


As we mentioned before, disposable vapes can easily be bought online and now after becoming informed about them and learning about their modus operandi and benefits, you may have become desirous of giving them a try.

As you visit Awesome Vape Store, one of the best online disposable vape stores in the business, you won't just find disposable vapes but literally every vaping ingredient and product that you can possibly think of. Visit our online store anytime to order items that will surely give you a most satisfying vaping experience.

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