E-cigrettes, vapes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems

E-Cigarettes, Vapes, And Other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) consist of some modern day tobacco products that we hear about often such as vapes, electronic cigarettes, e-cigars, etc. The aforementioned products and their similar alternatives involve the use of a regular nicotine e-liquid extracted from tobacco and also consisting of flavorings, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and more. As the liquid heats up, it creates aerosol that a user draws in.

ENDS could be designed to resemble usual combusted cigarettes, pipes, or cigars. Some look like pens or pen drives. A bigger apparatus like a tank system or mod hardly shares any visual similarity with cigarettes. These devices carry parts that can be reused or disposed of after being used just once.

An e-cigarette normally consists of the following four components:

  • Cartridge, which is filled with regular nictoine e-liquid containing different quantities of nicotine, flavorings, chemicals, etc.

  • Heating element

  • Power source (normally a battery)

  • Mouthpiece that is used for inhaling.

It is for these reasons that the products in question are referred to as electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). In a lot of ENDS devices, puffing by a user triggers the heating element, vaporizing the e-liquid in the reservoir. The user then breathes in the emerging vapor and the practice is called vaping.

Different Kinds of ENDS Devices

The early first-generation products appear like normal cigarettes. Using them is pretty simple as there is no role of cartridges or refill liquids and in many cases, a lot of users make their beginning with them. Fast improvements brought rechargeable e-cigarettes on to the scene, which consisted of nicotine cartridges that could be replaced or recharged and ran on batteries equipped with chargers. The later models had a larger tank capacity and also lasted longer because of rechargeable batteries.

Soon, users were given the option to adjust their puff length and battery output, thus being able to raise the heating element temperature and the vapor density. These engineering qualities influence the chemical making and toxic nature of an ENDS aerosol. Different color combinations, aesthetic designs, casings, and other accessories support diverse individual styles. Newer variants are more technology-oriented with their designs patterned after electronic flash drives, which fascinates the younger generation more.

The quantity of nicotine that first enters the bloodstream and is then received by the brain's nicotinic receptors is affected by at least four factors:

  • Nicotine presence in the product.

  • How efficiently vaporization causes nicotine to move from the cartridge to the aerosol.

  • Additives facilitating nicotine absorption.

  • Usage patterns (like frequency and inhalation strength) affecting bioavailability.

Different studies have shown major differences when it comes to nicotine vaporization, both amongst brands and even within a brand. These differences can be attributed to nicotine concentration as well as different kinds of heaters that respond differently to the spacing as well as puff frequency used in the studies.

Effects of ENDS

The two main solvents that create vapors in ENDS are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The same solvents are used widely in plenty of pharmaceutical and dermatological products.

As per studies, the above nicotine solvents do release small quantities of potential carcinogens like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acetone based on the voltage of battery performance.

However, it is now common knowledge and a comforting thought that the toxic or carcinogenic particles released during vaping are much lower when compared to smoking of normal cigarettes. Many studies imply that though e-cigarettes aren't completely risk-free, they cause fewer respiratory problems in comparison to cigarettes containing tobacco. However, we are no authority to opine on the harm reduction and health advantages of ENDS and cannot guarantee complete safety.

A big downside of the studies pertaining to ENDS is they are largely done on animals or cell or tissue cultures. Hence, the results do not straightaway allow for pragmatic human use. Other human studies related to harm reduction meanwhile are not methodologically strong. The flaws in these studies include their non-random and prospective nature, smallness, lack of scientific validation, biasness, and contradictory results. Also, these studies aren't based on evidence or have testimonies of patients reporting a marked improvement.

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