Elf Bar Vapes And How To Charge Them

Elf Bar Vapes And How To Charge Them

What Are Elf Bar Disposable Vapes?

Elf Bar Vapes are all the rage in the world of vaping presently. If you look for the most popular disposable vapes, those by Elf Bar will surely be an option.

One of the reasons why ELF Bar Disposable Vapes have become increasingly popular in the past few years is because they let those who have difficulty in deciding whether vaping will suit them or not to try it out without having to pay too much.

Many do not really take a liking to the trappings of nondisposable models boasting of superior quality such as different types of settings, refilling option, etc. and the oft-heard-of annoyances like leaks, having to deal with heaters, and more.

ELF Bar disposable vapes, besides being low-cost, hardly have any complex feature that may require users to put any kind of mental effort.

To make things more interesting and offer a more fulfilling vaping experience, ELF Bar manufactures disposable vapes and then presents them to vapers in different flavors, the popular ones being grapes, watermelon, guava, apple, cranberry, lemonade, etc.

ELF Bar is given to producing rechargeable as well as non-rechargeable disposable vapes and in this piece, we will expand on ELF Bar disposables that can be recharged.

Can A Disposable Vape Be Recharged?

The answer is YES.

You may ask yourself, “Why will I have to recharge my vape if I will soon throw it away? Is there any point?”

The disposable vapes available in our online store can give you as many as 5000 puffs. If you use it for a short while daily, it can last for one to two weeks.

But every single puff can only be enjoyed if your disposable vape runs on a large battery or one that can be recharged. Because the installation of large batteries does not seem right both practically and financially, companies such as ELF Bar install smaller batteries that are rechargeable.

Which Charger To Use For ELF Bar Vape?

Like a lot of new devices that have rechargeable batteries, ELF Bar disposable vapes too are recharged through a USB Type-C charger. A Type-C USB cable can also serve your purpose.

While a charger can just be inserted into an outlet on a wall or in an extension cord, a cable is plugged into the USB-C port of charging device like a PC.

ELF Bar that manufactures disposable vapes and retailers that sell them do not feel the need to furnish buyers with chargers or cables as well, reason being most households today have a Type C charger.

And if you are looking for a specific charger for your ELF Bar vape, you can consider ELF Bar charging dock that is meant to charge rechargeable disposables falling under categories like ELF Bar 3600 and ELF Bar 5000.

How ELF Bar Vape Is Recharged

The way you recharge any device that has a USB or other charging port in it, an ELF Bar disposable vape is also charged similarly. The charging port is located at the bottom where you will need to insert one end of your USB C cable.

As you connect the other end of the cable to a USB Type C port, charger, or outlet, a light will turn on and when it goes off, it will mean your vape is fully charged.

Rechargeable ELF Bar Vapes

BC1600 – 1600 mAh

BC3000/3500/4000/5000 – 650 mAh

BC5000 Ultra – 650 mAh

BB3000/3500 – 650 mAh

LB5000 – 650 mAh

CR5000 – 650 mAh

Elfbar 3600/5000 – 650 mAh

TE5000 – 550 mAh

Non-Rechargeable ELF Bar Vapes

Elf Bar 2500/3500 – 1400 mAh

PL2000 – 1000 mAh

Elf Bar 2200 – 1250 mAh

Elf Bar 2000 – 1200 mAh

NC800 – 950 mAh

Elf Bar 1600 – 850 mAh

MC600 – 550 mAh

T600/T800 – 500 mAh

Elf Bar 600 – 550 mAh

NC600 – 400 mAh

CR500 – 400 mAh

Cigalike – 280 mAh

Awesome Vape Store

ELF Bar disposable vapes can easily be bought online from Awesome Vape Store where they are available in multiple variants and flavors. Some really exciting options are waiting to be tried out by all you vapers. Stay rest assured that if you are in the mood to try out a fruity disposable vape, you will not be disappointed.

And besides ELF Bar disposables, we have disposable vapes of other brands too and virtually every vaping device, their components, and ingredients that you will hear about. And we deal in cigarettes and cigars as well. Visit our store anytime for the ultimate vaping or smoking experience.

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