Expert Tips to Make Your Vape Juice Last Longer

Expert Tips to Make Your Vape Juice Last Longer

Imagine yourself craving a vape, only to find that you have run out of juice. The situation could be worse if it happened to you in the middle of night, or you are in a place where it is tough to find a vape store. Moreover, if you are a heavy vaper, the costs of buying vape juice more often could add up quickly – which may ruin your budget. Here is how you can make your vape juice last longer.

  1. Choosing a Stronger E-Juice with Higher Levels of Nicotine: To ensure a long-lasting supply of e-liquid, you should first pick a stronger e-liquid with a higher nicotine content. So, you would need fewer draws to have a higher nicotine concentration while using less e-juice to sate your nicotine craving.

  1. Using High Resistance Coils: Your vaping device’s coil will decide how much electricity is going to be consumed. Sub-ohming utilizing low resistance coils should be avoided on low wattage. If you do so, you will neither get enough throat hit, nor sufficient vapor. Low resistance coils require more electric power for optimal performance. That means, you will need higher resistance coils for a satisfying vaping experience.

  1. Using a Lower Wattage Device: To make your e-juice last longer, consider lowering the wattage of your device as much as you can, since this will change things like the density of the cloud, temperature, and the rate at which the liquid is being utilized. For this reason, many devices in the market today come with varying wattage options. Lowering the wattage will result in less vapor production and you will end up using less e-juice. For instance, a 40W vape device will consume e-juice faster, compared to a 20W device. If you are looking for a device with an impressively broad wattage range, then Suorin Air Mod can be an excellent choice as it has a 5-40W wattage output range and comes with a 3mL refillable pod capacity.

  1. Choosing Vape Pods & Pens Over High-Power Devices: While a high-power device lets you have more clouds, which ensures a better vaping experience, these sub-ohm devices exhaust your e-liquid faster, compared to a standard vape pod or pen. Therefore, if you are running low on e-juice and you don't have any other option, it is wise to replace your high-power vape device with a pen or pod.

  1. Switching to Nicotine Salts: In an electronic cigarette, nicotine salts typically offer more satisfaction with each draw, compared to the freebase nicotine. These salts can deliver a higher amount of nicotine to your bloodstream faster, without utilizing much of your e-juice or degrading the overall vaping experience. This could mean fewer pulls and longer availability of vape juice. Your top options for nicotine salts are Juice Head Salt and Sad Boy Salt. However, since nicotine salts are usually smoother, you will likely experience less sharpness with respect to throat hit that is liked by many vapers.

  1. Monitoring Your Vaping Habits and Controlling E-liquid Usage: Regardless of the type of vape device or the kind of e-juice you ultimately choose, you will always end up running out of e-liquid supply if you don’t change your vaping habits. If you vape quite often, it might be time to discipline and control yourself so that you vape only when it is too necessary. Monitor how and when you vape to check the possibility of making adjustments. Create a journal or a note on your smartphone or use a vape-tracking application to keep an eye on your vaping habits.

  1. Using A Daytime Device: If you still wish to continue using your box mod, but don’t want to utilize more vape juice, try using a daytime vape device. It could be a box mod featuring high resistance coils that makes use of nicotine salts which you can use at the lowest possible power setting. As an alternative, you could save some dollars by having an open pod system that is refillable and utilizes e-juice which is compatible with your higher power device. Rather than using your device at work, choose a daytime vape device. This way, you will use less e-juice throughout the day as it would be the only option available to youand you will have a pen with more juice left in it even after you are back home in the evening.

To Conclude

The tips will help you better manage your e-juice use, allowing you to make your vape juice last longer. However, this may require changing your habits, replacing your existing vape device, and/or buying new salt nic vape juice online.

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