Explore Our Rolling Papers & Tips for the Ultimate Smoking Experience

Explore Our Rolling Papers & Tips for the Ultimate Smoking Experience

While weed is mainly responsible for making the smoking experience memorable, it is the rolling paper that makes all the difference! Rolling papers are packs of several cigarette-size sheets, often folded within a cardboard wrapper. Also called 'blanks' or joint papers, these are used to encase herbs or tobacco. They are typically made of plant fibers, such as rice straw, hemp, flax, or wood pulp. They are either flavorless or flavored, and come in varied dimensions to suit the needs and preferences of different smokers.

Rolling tip, also called joint filter or crutch, is undeniably the norm in the joint rolling realm. It is a tiny piece of rolled-up card stock that forms the mouthpiece at one end of the joint. Besides giving structure to the rolling paper, a rolling tip enhances safety and prevents you from inhaling unwanted particles.

Smoking rolling papers & tips together help make smoking smooth and effortless while reducing the likelihood of uninvited coughs and bad tastes in the mouth. Here, we have compiled a list of top rolling papers with filter tips that can take your smoking experience to the next level.

  1. Blazy Susan: Blazy Susan rolling papers are perhaps the most striking brand in the global rolling paper scene. Manufactured in France and designed in Colorado, U.S., they are made from finest quality wood pulp. Blazy Susan rolling papers feature a unique pink color that sets them apart from other brands. The pink color is because of the presence of a natural dye on the paper. The color was actually introduced as a temporary promotional color to spread breast cancer awareness. However, due to massive support and positive feedback, the brand kept the color permanently. These king-size papers are completely vegan and non-GMO that offer a smooth, slow burn without any unwanted flavor or odor.

  1. Bugler Original Papers: For many decades, Bugler Rolling Paper has been the favorite of many smokers around the globe. Designed to wrap up your favorite herbs in a perfect shape, it is ideal for day-to-day rolling needs. Bugler offers 115 leaves per booklet, featuring single wide rolling papers with dimensions: 68 mm x 40 mm. You get 24 booklets in every box, which means you can enjoy excellent value for every dollar spent. Boasting a retro look and feel, these rolling papers are sure to impress you in several ways. Enjoy an ideal mix of convenience and quality with these top-notch rolling papers.

  1. Ganja Berry: These are pre-rolled cones made from Goji Berry. Completely free of tobacco and nicotine, these make use of the top-shelf hemp that ensures an extremely smooth experience. The Goji Berry is basically a variety of fruit from Tibet which is native to Asia. In Tibetan culture, it is believed to provide energy and longevity. For herb lovers, this fruit is shaped into pre-rolled cones by the manufacturer; hence the name Ganja Berry. With an excellent taste and slow burn, this product is sure to enhance your herb smoking experience.


  1. King Palm Rolling Papers: This exclusive product from King Palm Wrap Company makes for a superb choice for an all-natural experience. The King Palm rolling paper is safer and more natural, compared to other rolling papers that often have glues, bleaches, dyes, and other synthetic chemicals. Completely free of nicotine and GMOs, these all-natural rolling papers with filter tips help release the flavor, which is responsible for the next-level experience with the herb of your choice. The pack includes 32 flavored rolling papers and 32 paper joint tips. It is available in king size and contains around 1.25 gm of cannabis.

  1. Pop Cones: These pre-rolled cones boast a patented POP filter that makes use of natural fruit terpenes, to boost your overall experience. These are perhaps the first ever cones on the market that come infused with flavor beads. You can enjoy these cones either without any flavors or by squeezing to release some flavor during the session.

  1. Zen Superslim Filter Tips: If you want your rolls to be ultra-thin and tightly packed, then you should go for Zen Superslim filters. Simply put these classic rolling paper tips, along with your favorite herb into your favorite rolling paper and roll it up! Each pack features 200 filter tips. These filters lower the harshness of the filler, thereby delivering you the desired taste, but with less bitterness. They also prevent any filler from making its way into your mouth.


If you prefer customizing your smoking experience and you are looking for the best smoking rolling papers and tips, you can confidently pick any of our recommendations above. To explore further and learn more about similar products, we encourage you to visit our Rolling Paper & Tips section.

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