Whether E-Liquid Flavoring Helps Smokers Transition To Electronic Cigarettes

Whether E-Liquid Flavoring Helps Smokers Transition To Electronic Cigarettes

E -liquids meant for e-cigarettes are available today in innumerable flavors such as menthol, fruit, sweet, etc. And as far as adult e-cigarette users are concerned, the reasons they posit for their practice are smoking cessation or reduction and to prevent themselves from relapsing. When it comes to the younger lot consisting predominantly of teenagers, the causes include experimentation, predilection for certain flavors, and compliance.

There is no denying the fact that the wide variety of flavors that e-cigarettes come in carries a special fascination for youths and it is these vape juice flavors that first lead to initiation and then a steadily increasing frequency among young users of e-cigarettes. Teenagers and adolescents may naively believe that fruit flavors in e-cigarettes are less deleterious to heath than their tobacco counterparts in a normal cigarette.

E-Liquid Flavoring & Its Significance

E-liquid flavoring today has assumed a lot of significance that just cannot be overlooked. If restrictions are imposed on the vape juice flavors, e-cigarettes may be seen by fewer people as a viable alternative to decrease or stop smoking altogether. Ask adult smokers and they will probably vouch for the fact that flavor diversity in e-cigarettes plays a pivotal role in helping one quit smoking and restriction of any kind could cause one to derive less pleasure and feel a stronger craving to once again smoke those conventional cigarettes.

If the different flavors that we have today cease to exist, many adult e-cigarette users may make a bid to get them somehow and some could prepare their own concoction. A few may willy-nilly make do with unflavored regular nicotine e-liquids but the probability of a majority of e-cigarette users reverting to traditional smoking will no doubt be much higher.

While the general perception that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than regular ones no doubt works in the favor of the former, there is another theory that also holds enough water. Inveterate smokers are more likely to reduce and eventually give up smoking if they are given a substitute in the form of e-cigarettes that do contain some nicotine as against a nicotine replacement treatment or any other kind of rehabilitation program.

Different E-Liquid Flavors

Different e-liquid flavors have had noticeable effects on different e-cigarette users. Candy or fruit flavors such as chocolate and apple are known to give greater satisfaction and make vaping a more enjoyable experience while mint and menthol make it more pleasing.

However, another fact that has to be lent credence is that in e-cigarettes and the role that they play in promoting vaping as an alternate choice for smoking, e-liquid flavoring is just one of the factors. Nicotine presence and the amount of use also have a role to play and foolproof evidence will be required before e-liquid flavoring can be given total credit for helping individuals with smoking reduction and cessation.

If you are a daily smoker, you can try e-cigarettes filled with a cherry-flavored e-liquid and your urge to smoke could start to diminish significantly. If you just wish to try out electronic cigarettes and have no wish as such to control your cigarette cravings, nicotine-free e-liquids that have apple or menthol flavoring shall serve your purpose.

So, when it is about making a transition from smoking to vaping through e-cigarettes, your e-liquid flavoring initially will probably have to have some tobacco. Thereafter, the non-tobacco flavors will come into play and help with e-cigarette adoption and prevention from relapse to smoking. Do a survey and you will probably find that dual users show a liking for tobacco flavors in the beginning and that non-tobacco flavors have more takers among erstwhile smokers. And those who managed to quit smoking altogether probably benefitted from sweet-flavored products instead of cartridge filled with tobacco-flavored or flavorless e-liquids.

Flavored e-liquids that do not contain any tobacco are believed to be helping smokers overcome their addiction. But more study needs to be done as to why and how this is happening.

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